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Clannad is a Japanese visual novel created by the software company Key, who also produced the successful titles Kanon and Air. Key announced in 2001 a release date of 2002 for Clannad and, after several postponements, finally released a limited version for the PC on April 28, 2004, and the regular version less than four months later on August 8, 2004. The visual novel was later ported to the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Xbox 360. The gameplay in Clannad follows a linear plot line, which offers pre-determined scenarios and courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the five female main characters. Jun Maeda, the main scenario writer of Clannad, believed that the title meant "family" or "clan" in Irish.

While both of Key's first two previous works, Kanon and Air, had been released first as adult games and then censored for the younger market like most bishojo games, Key's third work Clannad was released for all-ages and does not contain risqué situations or even any fan service. Following Clannad's release, Key later produced an adult sequel-of-sorts entitled Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life released on November 25, 2005 which expands the scenario of Tomoyo Sakagami, one of the five heroines from Clannad.

Clannad has made several transitions to other media: four manga series, the first serialized in the Japanese magazine Comic Rush, the second serialized in Comi Digi +, the third serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine, and the fourth in Dragon Age Pure; an animated movie by the animation studio Toei Animation released on September 15, 2007; two anime series including an original video animation by Kyoto Animation, which also animated the previous Key titles Air and Kanon; and, lastly, two sets of drama CDs, totaling nine in all. ADV Films localized and distributed the first Clannad anime series in North America starting in March 2009.

Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa is the main heroine of Clannad. Although she is in her third year in high school, as is Tomoya, Nagisa is actually one year older since she had to repeat her third year after an illness that lasted nine months. On the first day of school, She meets Tomoya on a long hill path in front of the school. She has a strange habit of muttering the names of food that she plans to eat as a way to motivate herself, such as anpan. She wants to reestablish the once-disbanded drama club. She does not have much self-confidence so she often needs help in order to motivate herself through the day. The major arc of the story revolves around Nagisa. After Tomoya befriends Nagisa, she tells him of her dream of joining the drama club. They soon discover that the club was disbanded. While attempting to recreate the club, Nagisa and Tomoya discover that they cannot advertise for new members, having missed the deadline to do so. In order to create an officially recognized club, they find they need at least three members and a sponsor teacher for the club, and the only one left is Koumura, who asks them to discuss with the chorus club members. After listening to Rie's story, Nagisa gives up reestablishing drama club. Youhei is furious about the story, and decides to have a 3-on-3 basketball match with the basketball team to prove that the chorus club members cannot hide behind their handicap. This happens to be a success, since the chorus club members decide to share Koumura with the drama club. After Tomoya had a falling out with his father, Nagisa offers to have Tomoya move into her house until things settle down, to which Tomoya agrees. Curious about Nagisa's play which is the same as the illusionary world he dreamt, Tomoya tries to find about the story, which leads him to learn about the secrets behind Nagisa's sickness. Nagisa accidentally learns of the secret and becomes guilty about forcing her parents to give up their dreams. However, this changes once her parents tell her that since that day, they had changed their dream to hers, and with the help of Tomoya, Nagisa regains the mental strength to act out her drama. Nagisa later succumbs to her sickness again, and is forced to repeat her third year again in After Story. After Story is a continuation of Nagisa's story, where Tomoya works as an electrician, and Nagisa starts living together with Tomoya.